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Detention felt like some odd fantasy she had come up with while bored, or while she'd been trying to get over the very incident that put her there in the first place. But Roy's number was in her phone and she'd texted him as casually as she could manage which meant only one or two texts every few hours when, really, she was constantly aware of replying and waiting for his replies and ached to constantly talk to him. Of course not all of her waiting periods were faked! She really did have homework and a brother to look after, a life to pay mild attention to no matter how boring it seemed in comparison to her new ... Crush? Lover? Boyfriend? Something like that.

Whatever they might be in terms of labels Saturday night had finally arrived. Nathan was going to be at one of his infamously long board-game-thing nights with his friends, and her mother was nowhere to be found as usual. She had more than enough time to make her hair perfect, clean up her room and some parts of the house before Roy made his way to her. Nariko had taken great care with her outfit, choosing black leggings with lower heels than usual, and a form fitting tank top that did a great job of showing off her tits. But over all of that was Roy's hoodie, left unzipped just enough to show a good amount of skin, letting it relax on her shoulders a little.

When the knock on her door came she didn't think much about how he might view her home: Nariko lived in an incredibly rich neighborhood full of literal mansions. Her mother's house was no different and was particularly immense, aside from Nariko herself the first thing Roy would notice was a spacious front room that showcased a diamond chandelier above them. But none of that really concerned her because the moment she saw him all of her hard work was made that much better when she smiled for him, all pure joy and excitement.

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This time of year was usually filled with excited, eligible teenagers ready to meet their matches, to make decisions that could come off as finite in the moment, but ultimately decided their futures. Less than a decade ago Nariko had been in the same position, stood herself in front of the Orater and sat through the list of men that were deemed a suitable match for her. Now she was married to a gunslinger and said Orater had spent a good majority of the festivities glaring at her angrily. It hardly phased Nariko, she had yet to solve all of the problems that needed attention but frankly her (very much non-Kyrati) husband had been in an affectionate mood and it had done wonders for her own. Not even the whispers and stares could bother her, most everyone was slowly, begrudgingly accepting the situation for what it was, and that was about all they could do.

So even though the emotional climate was a bit more depressing than usual everyone was managing to have fun. True to her word Nariko had locked down most of Kyrat as the city was turned into an overwhelming party. Strands of flowers from Paradisa were strung over every home, the market had been cleared out to make a sort of barren dance floor, and even the compound had been decorated! The hall that Nariko and Roland had danced in was brightened with candles, different colored strands of gems, both precious and not. And in a manner similar to the Farcadian residents in Kaine’s world, most of the party goers were dressed to the nines … Which really meant there was more than just a few patches of skin to be seen.

The younger ones, fourteen, fifteen, and sixteen-year-olds flirts with their matches, exchanged items in the hall, rings or bands or colored chokers. But beyond that there was their own version of riddling, a little game of tag that was going on with the littler children, and of course the Orater wandering around to criticize.

“… Are you sure they’ll be alright here?” Nariko tilted her head at Roland from where she sat at the table with Ditto and Ignis beside her though they were busy making eyes at one another. She couldn’t help worrying that the gunslingers would be used to such unhindered revelry and skin? She could already spot a newly approved couple all but fucking in a corner. “Oswald, tell them to at least go outside, there’s no need to let this turn into an orgy.”

The young blonde man appeared from nowhere as he so often did, leaving a small trail of black smoke behind him as he nodded, his somewhat pale cheeks going red.

“Honestly, you should let them have a little fun! Once upon a time you weren’t any better.” Dito teased from his seat while she shook her head.

“I don’t think I’m any better now, but I know when to exercise a need for privacy.”

As Oswald dealt with the overeager couple Kaine finally arrived, trying to adjust the straps of her outfit and make sure that her back was covered.

"Kaine!" Dito was the one to call her over, right along with anyone else who might be there.

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Aug. 7th, 2016 06:51 pm
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[They wait for a very long time.

More than once the humans jeer above them, spitting insults and graphically detailing the awful things they'd do if they were caught. To listen to the malice and disconcerting obsession in their tones was its own torture, but Nariko kept her mouth shut and her arm tight around Adam as they hid. They were too close to their home and they couldn't risk bringing those assholes back to the one safe haven they had in this forest. So they waited and when the voices faded out so thinly that not even her acute hearing could get a trace of them she relaxed into him.]

... I think they're gone.

[She didn't want to sound so weakened, this was hardly the first time she had been caught in public and chased. But this particular set of humans had been incredibly drunk (and thank goodness, it was probably why they'd given up, and why they wouldn't be able to recall a path back into the forest) and they wouldn't have found out what she was if they'd just kept their hands to herself. It wasn't her fault that the base of her tail was just above her rear, and they had bad aim.

But it was her fault that she'd snarled and bared her teeth, and nearly gotten them captured. It weighs on her even as she crawls out from underneath the warped hill, she grips her basket too hard.]

Let's go home.

[It's only a few minutes walk, and she hasn't been so eager to go back in ages. These days she had to wonder why they ever left at all.]